From the episode Amateur Asian Sucks The Dick!.


Alina starts off by jerking the thick cock she has in front of her before she procedes to lick it gently. She finally puts it in her mouth and gives him head. She could barely fit it in though! She took a striptease break in the middle of the sucking to show her tight ass in a g-string but she wasn't cruel so she jerked him a bit while doing it. Then she got back down on her knees and finished her work!



























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Party of 3 Tube Video

Aug 15, 2013

4 minute long lesbian video!



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From the episode Amateur Lesbians Fuck.


We get acquanited with three fine lesbian babes today. They all love pussy and puts on a great show for us. It starts off slow but we get to inspect every inch of their naked bodies so it's fine with me. First they undress on the balcony then they jump into bed together.


In bed they pose a little but then the real party gets started. These yummy girls are all over each other and lick both pussy and asshole in this threesome. Lesbian rimjobs are the best!






































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