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Sep 03, 2014

4,5 minute long lesbian video!



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Alina was in the mood for a huge cock today so she called up Bruce Venture and invited him over for a naughty session. He couldn't say no to some tight Chinese cunt so he rushed over to her place.


When he met her she greeted him welcome in her bra & thong and black fishnets. His boner grew hard the second he laid eyes on her! So they got naked and hopped into bed together where she rocked his world!


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It was a nice warm day so Alina and Veronica decided to do their Yoga exercises out on the porch. They kept it up for a while before they started to get horny from looking at each other. Alina was the first to get topless and she helped Veronica doing the same.


They did some more stretches while at the same time getting naked. When all of the clothes were out of sight they started to make out and took it further by giving each other cunilingus in 69-position.


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